Best Pillows for Different Sleeping Positions

Sleep position is an important factor when choosing the best pillow for your body alignment and comfort. Fortunately for consumers, we designed the Spinal Design Pillow.

The Spinal Design pillow is a state of the art pillow that has been designed to handle all sleeping positions and preferences. It does not matter what way that you sleep, the Spinal Design pillow will help you have a better nights sleep and get the rest that you need. We’ve written the below to help outline the different sleeping positions and how the spinal design pillow can help cater to you.

Using a Pillow While Sleeping on the Back

When lying on your back, the spinal design pillow supports the organic curvature (called the lordosis) of the cervical spine, with sufficient support under the head, neck, and shoulders.

Adding another pillow or two below the knees further eases any back strain. The pillow usually flattens the lumbar curve, alleviating the pressure on the facet joints in the back of the spinal column.

Overall, sleeping on your back is the best position to help your back rest comfortably. Most people find this the only way they can comfortably rest during severe episodes of back pain or during the recovery from spine surgery. The spinal design pillow can provide much needed additional comfort if you’ve had existing back pain.

Using a Pillow While Sleeping on the Side

If you lie on one side, the spinal design pillow will act to support the head and neck so the spine keeps a straight and organic horizontal line. The thickness of the spinal design pillow is also beneficial for those of you who sleeping on their side.

If you bend your knees and place another pillow between them, this will keep the spine in a neutral position. When there is no support between the legs, the leg on top will rotate downwards, which will then pull the pelvis and disfigure the natural line of the spine. Keep in mind that usually a firmer pillow between the knees prevents this downward rotation better than a softer pillow.

Adding additional support between the knees is a simple way to help prevent back pain and give the back time to heal and rest better during your sleep.

Using a Pillow While Sleeping on the Stomach

A lot of people do not realise but sleeping on your stomach is the most stressful and impactful position for the neck and back. Doctors may advise their patients to stop sleeping on the stomach if they suffer from certain spine conditions, or during recovery after spine surgery.

If you prefer to sleep or rest on your stomach, the spinal design pillow is adjustable so that you can make it pillow relatively thin. When laying in this position, it is usually best to add another flat pillow under your abdomen or pelvis to help keep the lower back in its natural alignment.

Pillows for Combination Sleepers

People who have move into a variety of sleep positions, the spinal design pillow is ideal for you! Throughout the night as you move you will be able to rest easy with increased ventilation through the pillow. The spinal design pillow is made from natural cylindrical fibres, making it ideal for those who suffer with allergies as they have a resistance to mould and dust mites. The fibres are chemical-free, free from synthetics (such as polyurethane, memory and viscoelastic foams) and are environmentally responsible.  If you use a single all-purpose pillow it is likely to result in a pillow that will be too high for sleeping on the back and will be too low for sleeping on the side.


Spinal Design is dedicated to bringing you the best nights sleep possible. After 20 years of refined customer-based research combined with scientific Ergovent testing we have produced the BEST pillow that is proudly made and owned in Australia. The Spinal Design pillow provides individual support and hypoallergenic comfort especially for those with allergies and ventilation to suit the humidity of the Australian climate.

If you have any questions regarding our state of the art pillow please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any query you may have!