The Australian Chiropractic Pillow

Spinal Design offers the best chiropractic pillow in Australia!

Are you losing sleep due to neck or back pains? Buy our chiropractic pillow online now!

When you’re looking for a pillow company in Australia, you want to know you’re buying from a place that sells the perfect chiropractic pillow to cure your restless sleeps, as well as a place that has highly trained and knowledgeable staff. In this case, give Spinal Design a call to get the chiropractic pillow you need online now! Our Australian chiropractic pillow provides a number of amazing features, including ventilation, environmental friendliness, multi adjustability, temperature regulation, pressure point relief, low maintenance and minimisation of strain on neck and shoulders, so with such a wide range of benefits, you’ll always be able to find a reliable pillow in Australia with Spinal Design.

Whether you’re having restless sleeps due to neck pain or your pillow is simply not comfortable, contacting and trusting the Australian chiropractic pillow at Spinal Design means engaging highly-trained experts and a scientifically tested pillow that can cure all your sleeping problems. Designed to provide you with uninterrupted and painless sleeps, the pillow is easily self-adjustable to suit your individual shoulder width and neck height, minimising the strain on neck and shoulders as well as decreasing pain and aches. We have over 20 years of refined customer-based research combined with scientific Ergovent testing that has produced the BEST pillow proudly made and owned in Australia.

Did you know a good nights sleep improves productivity and concentration? There were several studies that scientists did in the early 2000s that considered the effects of sleep deprivation. What the researchers concluded is that sleep has links to several brain functions, including concentration, productivity and cognition. A more recent 2015 study in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatryshowed that children’s sleep patterns can have a direct impact on their behaviour and academic performance. This is exactly why you need Spinal Design’s chiropractic pillow –  to provide you with enough sleep to help you perform adequately during the day.

If you require a pillow that genuinely improves your sleep, call Spinal Design now! We proudly sell the chiropractic pillow in Australia that leaves you satisfied, pain-free and energised.



Are you ready to replace your old pillow with one that can provide adequate head and neck support? Consider trying our Spinal Design pillow!

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Spinal Design is dedicated to bringing you the best nights sleep possible. After 20 years of refined customer-based research combined with scientific Ergovent testing we have produced the BEST pillow that is proudly made and owned in Australia. The Spinal Design pillow provides individual support and hypoallergenic comfort especially for those with allergies and ventilation to suit the humidity of the Australian climate.

If you have any questions regarding our state of the art pillow please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any query you may