It was originally thought pillows that are pre-contoured are perfect for every head and neck sleeping position for everybody. This couldn’t be more wrong. Everybody is different, their sleeping style is different (stomach, back, side, or combination), their neck and shoulder height and dimesnions are different, even the mattress you sleep on will alter the pillow. Unless the contour is made specifically for you with your needs and dimensions the likelihood of it working for you are quite slim.

Over the past 10 years, adjustable pillows crept into the industry. With these, the end user (you) must manipulate the pillow, to suit only you. Therefore, the term adjustable is vague and it covers several different types of adjusting.

Some pillows have restricted or limited adjustment capabilities:

  • Height – The user can make the pillow have a higher loft or lower. Usually there are 1-2 inserts for the user to do this. These inserts are placed under the pillow inside the pillowcase. Limited choices.
  • 2 in 1 – The 2 in 1 adjustable pillow refers to inbuilt structure. This can be achieved with the density of the foam for example. One side can feel softer and the other side firmer. You then have the restricted choice of which side suits your sleeping position.

On the other hand, you have pillows that can be Totally Adjusted. The user has full control of the amount of filling inside the pillow and the ability to manoeuvre the filling to suit the sleeping position, neck and shoulder height; even during sleep. These pillows can be contoured to suit you. You can provide more support to your shoulders when you need to , neck or your head. By doing this, you minimise the pressure of the head and obtain the correct position which may help improve snoring, aches, and pains in the morning. These types of pillows are suitable for every person as you can adjust the pillow the way you like it.


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