How To Use The Spinal Design Pillow

So, you now have the amazing Spinal Design® pillow and it’s up to you to make it yours!

The pillows come standard with 1500 grams of natural cylindrical fibre fill.

What sets this pillow apart is the user has the total freedom to add, remove, and manipulate the pillow to the desired position that is suited to their sleeping style, neck height, and shoulder width.

This pillow can be self-adjusted in two ways:

  1. Add or remove the natural fibres in the internal component to get the height that is right for you. We recommend a handful at a time. If you need to add more than the 1500 grams you can buy additional fibre fill here.
  2. Once your height is settled you can move or disperse the pieces around to contour the pillow to your neck or preferred sleeping position.

To reshape the pillow to original, just a few shakes is all that is needed.

Zippers are fragile, take care when opening and closing as the fibres can get caught.