ErgoVent® – A scientific way to measure ventilation exclusive to Rockdale Mattress Factory

ErgoVent® or Ergo Ventilation® is a method of measuring the amount of airflow through a particular item. This amazing invention can test not just the ventilation in pillows, regardless of the brand and make up, but also manchester such as sheets and mattress protectors and even mattress cushioning layers.

Testing the product is 2 phases — phase 1 consists of an item being placed on the ErgoVent® machine and this will output a percentage out of 100 that will indicate the amount of airflow coming through. This means when there is no pressure added to the pillow there is circulation inside.

Phase 2 consists of putting an appropriate weight for e.g. a 5kg ball to represent the average weight of a human head and then the output will show the percentage of airflow even with the pressure.

Ultimately, the phase 2 results are relatively more important regarding pillows. This percentage, especiall when compared to other types of pillows that have different compositions will lead you to which pillow is cooler to sleep on.

The following is a table that outlines the amount of ventilation in pillows that are on the Australian Market. Pillows were chosen at random and were based so that the contents of the pillow were all different so show varying results.

The higher the percentage, the more ventilated the pillow actually is.

Pillow CompositionPhase 1 % ResultsPhase 2 % Results
Spinal Design® Natural Cylindrical Fibres6741
Actuvated Charcoal Memory Foam10
Hyper-Adaptive Foam1311
Aerated Visco Elastic97
Polyhedrom Memory Foam33
Gel Infused Memory Foam237
High Density Memory Foam94
Soft Memory Foam43
Coconut Charcoal Infused Latex2512
Polyester Filled5028


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