Is Your Pillow Robbing You Of A Good Nights Sleep?

Is your lumpy pillow giving you a bad nights sleep? Nows the time to reset your sleep with a new pillow!

Most of us can’t imagine sleeping without our favourite comfy pillow. Some of us are even so attached to our pillow that we cannot leave it behind when we are heading on a holiday or sleeping at a different location than usual!

Despite this, how many times do you think when you rest your head on your pillow about whether your pillow is actually giving you the correct support that you need for the perfect nights sleep?

It is quite common that when we purchase our pillows, we regularly underestimate and neglect our heads rest. It has also been proved that only one out of three customers who purchased mattresses in the past 5 years also purchased new pillows.

So what about the other two thirds of us? Unfortunately we are still keeping and using our lumpy, old pillows. When the times comes for us too purchases a new pillow most of us end up choosing the cheaper and more affordable options, which is not always going to give the the correct support.

It’s interesting to think about this pattern that we have: although we love our pillows, we don’t always value them. When we do find a pillow that we adore, we almost immediately assume and act that they will last forever, however, the materials in pillows as like other sort materials, wear down overtime.

Knowing When It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Your Old Pillow

It has said that you should replace your pillow around every 2.8 years. The problem that most of us encounter is that we find “the one” and we hang onto it. Every night we get dress in our most comfortable pyjamas and grab our favourite blanket and pillow and therefore assume we are going to have the best sleep ever. What’s wrong with this picture? The pillow is lumpy, old and flat and is not giving us the optimum comfort and support that deserve. At this point it is time to a new, supportive pillow that will give you the perfect nights sleep!

Understanding The Possibilities When It Comes To Pillows

Consumers are not the only people who are focussed on the importance of pillows these days. Manufacturers of sleep products are now focussed on utilising their most advanced product engineering and materials to create pillows that are supportive for your head and neck. At Spinal Design it has taken 20 years to innovate, discover, invent, listen and finally produce a pillow that that is worthy of the title World’s Best Pillow.

The Spinal Design Pillow is not pre-contoured like many other high-end pillows. You are able to change the height of the pillow by removing or adding natural filling and then manipulating the pillow to suit your sleeping position, providing optimum support for everyone. Our pillow is natural and is free from synthetic polyurethane or memory foam. It is made from latex, which is the natural sap from the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis. The Spinal Design pillow is also ErgoVent tested to prove that that this pillow has the best air circulation on the market.

Some people may wonder, is an old pillow really something to fuss about? Would it hurt you to keep sleeping on a saggy old pillow from the early 2000s? Well, only if a musty face and stiff spine don’t bother you.

Pillows are made to give your head and neck optimum support and comfort they need throughout the night. The pillow supports your head which in turn, promotes healthy spine alignment. Pillows also assist with temperature control. The type of fabric, or the combination of fabrics in a well-made pillow will keep you both cool and dry. It acts to regulate your temperature and blocks moisture from settling between the pillow and your face.

If you complain about sleep, your pillow may be the source of your dismay. The room temperature, which is another frequent factor in a bad nights sleep, can be corrected with the right pillow. The ideal cushion will surround your face with cool air and can fix an unexpected hot bedroom.


Remember To Use Your Head When You Shop For Sleep Materials

The next time you are out shopping for pillows or mattresses, use these next few tips:
1. Never forget to use a pillow when contemplating which mattress is the one for you. Change up the type of pillow with various films styles and shapes. It is common that you can lie on a mattress and think that it won’t be for you, when really you just haven’t found the correct pillow pairing.

2. When you are out shopping for pillows, remember to shop with your head as a first priority. If you visit a sleep provider it’s important to tell the sales representative that you would like to select a pillow before you pair it to your next mattress.

3. Take note of the pillows inner fill, but also pay attention to its outer material. The outer layers of pillows can both range in plushness and thickness. It’s important to take your time when testing pillows – this will allow you to get a sense of how the material of the pillow regulates temperature. The Spinal Design pillow is temperature regulating and reduces sweating and overheating of your head and neck. Our pillow also minimises strain on your neck and shoulders as the pillow is adjustable to suit your individual shoulder width and neck height to decrease pain and aches.

4. If you suffer from asthma or have allergies, you should look for hypoallergenic pillow. The Spinal Design pillow is anti-microbial, anti-fungal and dust mite resistant. The inner cylindrical fibres are naturally resistant to bugs making this a healthier sleeping option. No poisonous and toxic chemicals are added to kill dust mites.

5. When you have found the pillow of your dreams, don’t tend on keeping it forever! Remember to do some research to understand what makes your pillow special and that once the materials wear down, you can refresh your sleep with a new pillow.

Although pillows may be viewed to help the look of your bed by creating dimension or adding colour, they are a lot more than just decorations! Remember to invest in both your health and wellbeing by making the support of your head and neck a top priority for your sleep!


Are you ready to replace your old pillow with one that can provide adequate head and neck support? Consider trying our Spinal Design pillow!

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Spinal Design is dedicated to bringing you the best nights sleep possible. After 20 years of refined customer-based research combined with scientific Ergovent testing we have produced the BEST pillow that is proudly made and owned in Australia. The Spinal Design pillow provides individual support and hypoallergenic comfort especially for those with allergies and ventilation to suit the humidity of the Australian climate.

If you have any questions regarding our state of the art pillow please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any query you may have!